Recognizing Numbers 60-70 Binder Centers


Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st Grade

Using the reader and recorder cards, students will practice identifying the numbers from 60-70 by reading aloud the numbers and following along using a dry erase marker on the tracing card.  Students can give each other “time” or “coaching” as well when they come to a number they don’t know.  This math center activity will have your students mastering the identification of the numbers from 60-70 while having fun!




Type of Activity: Center Activity, Printable, Worksheets, and Assessments

New ideas for teaching numbers in kindergarten can be hard to find.  These recognizing numbers activities are an engaging way to allow students to explore number recognition with a partner while having fun!

This resource includes the following:

  • Answer Key Included
  • Three partner-paired number identification card sets allow students to practice number recognition.
  • Student Direction Cards – perfect for posting on the wall in the designated center area.
  • Set One: Numbers from 60-64 only – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Set Two: Numbers from 65-70 only – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Set Three: All numbers from 60-70 – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Fluency Cards – 5 cards for each number set that are ¼ page size to be placed on a binder ring. These cards are perfect for practice while waiting in line or in transition between classroom activities.  *Please Note* – an extra fluency card is included with these.  This product contains both a PDF and PowerPoint version.  The extra fluency card is EDITABLE in the PowerPoint version.
  • Number Recognition Assessment – One assessment for each card (15 total formative assessments) and then one additional assessment to assess all numbers 60-70 (summative assessment) to keep track of student progress.
  • Teacher Notes Page – instructions for set-up and implementation.
  • All pages are provided in both color and black and white form.

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