Recognizing Numbers 10-20 Binder Centers


Grade Level: Pre-K, Kindergarten

These recognizing numbers for preschoolers and kindergartners activities are a fun way to practice identifying numbers 10-20 (as the reader) and practicing one-to-one correspondence as well as reading from left to right (as the responder).  And by placing these pages in a clear page protector students can complete this activity using a dry erase marker time and time again!




Number recognition practice has never been so much fun!  Easy to set up, these learning numbers 10-20 activities allow your students to interact with a partner as they practice identification.  Using the reader and responder worksheets for learning numbers, preschoolers and kindergartners will take turns reading numbers and supporting each other if they come to a number they do not know.  Teachers simply print and go!

The following items are included in this resource:

  • Answer Key Included
  • Three partner-paired number identification card sets allow students to practice number recognition.
  • Student Direction Cards – perfect for posting on the wall in the designated center area.
  • Set One: Numbers from 10-14 only – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Set Two: Numbers from 15-20 only – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Set Three: All numbers 10-20 – 5 reader cards and 5 recorder cards in this set.
  • Fluency Cards – 5 cards for each number set that are ¼ page size to be placed on a binder ring. These cards are perfect for practice while waiting in line or in transition between classroom activities. *Please Note* – an extra fluency card is included with these.  This product contains both a PDF and PowerPoint version.  The extra fluency card is EDITABLE in the PowerPoint version.
  • Number Recognition Assessment – One assessment for each card (15 total formative assessments) and one additional assessment to assess all numbers 10-20 (summative assessment) to keep track of student progress.
  • Teacher Notes Page – instructions for set-up and implementation.
  • All pages are provided in both color and black and white form.

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